If you've visited some of the websites I've created, then you probably have a pretty good idea of the kind of work I do. I enjoy working with the person or company whose site I am designing and getting input from them as to what kind of layout, color scheme, and text styles they like, then going from there to put together a site that is unique to their purposes.

I have a fairly good eye for putting together color schemes that work well on the web, so even if all you know is that you want a website, but have no idea as to what form or functions you want, that's not a problem. I can give you several different options for everything.

Here is what a website I do for you can include:

  • Web Site Design and Maintenance
  • Custom Image Design, Logos, Artwork
  • Active Server Pages & Cascading Style Sheets
  • Framed or Non-Framed Pages
  • Mouseover Effects
  • Audio and Video Clips
  • Online Store
  • Interactive Forms
  • Access Counters
  • Image Sizing, Cropping, Touch-up
  • Domain Name Registration and/or Transfer
  • Hosting Arrangements
  • Meta Tag and Keyword Insertion
  • Submission of your site to major search engines

After looking around at what other web designers are offering for their services, and based upon my current abilities, I have decided that rather than charge what seem to me to be incredibly high prices for individual things ($5.00 for ONE hyperlink???) I am simply going to charge a straight hourly rate of $25.00, regardless of whether I am scanning photos, doing graphic design, or putting the actual pages together. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for billing policies.

If you have checked other design houses, you have probably noticed that most of them either have pre-made packages... for example, 1 basic page, 1 graphic, 3 links for $100 etc... or they charge an hourly rate that is much higher. In my own searches, I have found them to range from about $40.00 per hour to upwards of $160.00 per hour. If you've found somebody that is in the same range as I am, please send me their link so that I can take a look!


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