Here is a partial listing of websites I have created. The list is divided into two sections, music-related sites, and business-related sites. Clicking each site's graphic will take you to the website itself, however some of these websites are either off-line or no longer maintained by me. If that is the case then clicking the graphic will take you to a larger graphic of the design I did.

Some of these clients were also kind enough to write some comments regarding my work, which you can read here.


Stir Crazy

The Boinkers

Metal Church

Presto Ballet

Sonic Temple


Metal Gods

Southern Justice

Max Axle

Ronny Munroe

Notorious 253

Robin Just

Diva LaFunk

Brian Lake

White Hot

Deja Groove

Jenny Gillespie

Dress Code Music


Rock Show


Westside Guitars

The Lobster Shop

The Pine Cone Cafe

The Rock Poster

Reliable Bookkeeping

It's All Biz

The Hive Recording Studio

3Ci Entertainment Group

Great American Casino



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