Kathy does excellent work. Her attention to detail and accuracy surpasses many other web designers. She is very easy to work with, and is always open to new ideas. Plus, she works in a very expedient fashion.

Jim Brammer

Kat has done an incredible job with my band's websites! Always on top of anything and everything that needs to be kept up on a website. Great graphics and always looking for new ways to improve and update the site. I highly recommend Page Planit to all!

Kurdt Vanderhoof
VANDERHOOF, Presto Ballet & Metal Church

Kat has been nothing but professional. She had my site up and running in no time, and has maintained it since day one. I recommend Kat's services to anyone.

Ronny Munroe

Not being gifted in the creative aspect of using computers , building a website seems like a daunting task. Having worked with Kat on Metal Church's website over the past few years, she was the natural selection when I reformed my old band Malice and we needed a website. She made it easier and faster than I thought possible and I found out that SHE is a true artist!!! Highly recommended and actually fun to work with.
Thanks Kat!!!!!

Jay Reynolds

I first worked with Kat about four years ago. She had made a website for a band I was in, in which the site was so much to our liking we didn't change one thing after our first preview. Years later, I got into a band who already had a website. The website was drab, dreary, lack luster in personality. I told the guys to give Kat a chance, they would be very pleased with what she comes up with. All I did was give Kat some brief instructions about what we wanted and she took the reins from there. After about two weeks, Kat presented us with a site from which was totally her design and it was beyond anything that we would have told her to do. I would definitely let Kat present some ideas for your website, most of the time she does this for little or no cost at all. You will see that you made the right choice by having Kat draft your site.

Darren Wichers
Max Axle

Kathy has worked hard to deliver a product that we are proud of with great suggestions, a "can do" attitude and excellent service.

Duiane Rice

3Ci Inc.

Hey Kat,
Just wanted to say the band loves the new website! Thanks for turning our ideas into a reality so quickly and also thanks for all the great suggestions. Wow, it's hard to believe this is my 4th band website you've been involved with and they all "rawked". Continued success in all you do!

Jeff Powell
Moxie, Vanderhoof, White Hot & Deja Groove

Kat in a word: magnificent.
Kat designed/developed my website with a remarkable eye for detail and made great use of her incredible graphic design skills. Not only did she capture the exact essence of what I wanted, she did so in such a timely manner that it would appear as though it were effortless! All this combined with her easiness to work with makes Kat a true pro!
I would recommend Kat to any person or business looking for a top notch website.

Robin Just

Page Planit has the highest quality service at an affordable price. Kat is easy to work with and she brings great ideas to the table. My site loads quickly and I have had many positive responses from it.
Thanks Kat!

Scott Albright
Scott Albright.com

What can I say about Kat?
She is very detail oriented and works hard to make sure the web-site is accurate and informative. It is amazing that she didn't go crazy making all the changes that we kept her doing. She made sure that the band were all happy with the finished site, and I can tell you we are very happy. Colors, graphics, text, links.... she took good care of us, and in a very reasonable amount of time. Thanks Kat, you did a great job!

Ric Moore

Southern Justice

Kathy has been wonderful and accommodating to my likes and dislikes when it comes to creating sites that reflect my preferences for something that the world will see. She is easy going and fun to deal with, and I have recommended her to several business acquaintances of mine and they have been equally as happy.

Suzanne Kehoe
Suza Marie Studio

Hey Kat,
Just wanted to write and thank you for the website. It's so much better than what we expected. We were all so amazed at how quickly you got everything up and running. After our last experience we didn't know it could get done so fast and be changed to what we wanted with a minimum of hassle. The site looks fabulous! Thanx for all your hard work!

Kevin Henrickson
Notorious 253

By far, one of the easiest to work with, and best web designer I've ever used.
Page Planit rules!!

Bob McCoy
Atek Audio

As a manager of The Lobster Shop, we have tried many means of maintaining our website. Hiring Kathy has been the best idea. She allows us to explain our ideas and makes them happen. More restaurants need her!

Anna Garza
Lobster Shop Restaurant

"... the Lobster Shop website (www.lobstershop.com), sharply designed and easy to navigate, is one of the best by a Puget Sound restaurant."

Bart Ripp, Food Critic
The Tacoma News Tribune

Kat does an excellent job in building websites! She works with you and gives you many options to satisfy your needs/goals. Her rates are also comparably good to anyone out there, probably less. She doesn't nickel and dime you for every little thing too (very fair!). We are very happy with her work and she has a knack, or an "eye", for knowing what LOOKS good.

Jeff Super
Metal Gods, RockShow, & Stir Crazy

Kat used the ideas I gave her for my site and got it done quicker and better than I had ever imagined... and for less than others would have charged me!

Derek Holley
Dresscode Music

Kat did a great job. She was very accommodating, even when I changed my mind a few times! She is always up for tweaking until it's right. My listeners, fans, students, and colleagues have all said nice things about the site. Wait in line for her services-it's a great deal.

Jane Miller
The Jane Miller Group

Kat created a beautiful, snazzy web page for me for a very reasonable price. Her continual communication with me as well as her input and openness to suggestions truly impressed me. I really lucked out when I found Kathy! I recommend her to any one who wants to create a web page; she is a professional but really nice and easy-going person.

Jenny Gillespie
Jenny Gillespie.com

Kat was very helpful throughout the process of creating our web site from scratch. She came up with outstanding ideas. Regardless of how many changes we had her make, she made the changes expeditiously, and made suggestions to help make the changes work. I was very happy with the work that she did and her professionalism in doing it.

Mark Griffith
Apollo Masters

Kat just finished a website for our Company that was excellent and hit the mark of what we were looking for in a new website. It is pleasant to look at, informative and gets our message across very well.

Bill Griffith
Apollo Masters

In my opinion, Kat is truly a web site Master. Her creative skills and love of design puts her above the rest when it comes to designing a web site for her clients. She listened to what I was looking for and created something that was a work of art. A web site designed by Kat is a great investment.

Lisa Byerly
Creative Business Concepts

I am absolutely ecstatic about the work Kat has done on my website! I really didn't know what I wanted when I contacted Page Planit about helping me with my website, I just knew that I needed one. Kathy has been totally patient and cool with my ideas and has helped me through every stage of the development process. She is a genius at creating cohesion out of my eclectic ideas! I look forward to a long and profitable relationship with Page Planit. Thanks Kat!

Jim Johnston

My web site had been in need for a facelift for the longest time, but finding the right time and the right person for the job, especially with prompt delivery as an essential requirement, was beginning to frustrate my motivation. Kathy quickly focused on what I needed, and just as quickly transformed my homemade site into a bright and clear, professionally executed piece of work. I receive positive feedback from my clients continuously, and they all stress how easy to read and use the site is. Exactly what I was aiming for.

Paolo Viacava
Italian Villas, Inc.


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